E2EVC Rome 2013 a wrap-up

This year I attended the twentieth E2EVC conference ( formerly known as Pubforum) in Rome and all in all it was a fantastic conference. It’s a bit different than other conferences in that its organised by the community for the community so it is largely vendor neutral and there are next to no marketing presentations which is always excellent. Marketing has its place but it is best to understand the technology before trying to sell it, spinning the technology into marketing jazz is never a good approach.

Speakers and sessions

Over the course of the weekend I attended most of the sessions that it was possible to attend ( we had two rooms for sessions so unfortunately not possible to attend all). All of the sessions were worth attending, however in my opinion there were a number of stand-out sessions that both for content and presentation rise above the others ( but only slightly).

  • Andrew Wood and Jim Moyle’s Atlantis IO presentation
    The technology they were demonstrating was fascinating and the two guys presented it so well in terms of playing off each other to get their point across with some humour in the mix too. With the added fun of a live demo
  • Shawn Bass’s multi factor authentication presentation
    I have never seen anyone able to pack more information into a 45 mins presentation without melting everyone’s head and loosing everyone in the course of it. Fascinating look at passwords and pass phrases
  • Andrew Wood and Jim Moyle’s keynote ” What’s new with Citrix”
    Again they got their point across with a minimum of death by Powerpoint, most of the slides were images or single lines that provided a bench to talk from which are my favourite form of presentation . The content was a stark look at where citrix and the market is now and where they appear to be going. It was overall a positive direction but didn’t pull any punches
  • Jeff Wouters’s Powershell DSC deep dive
    A overview of a topic I havent had a opportunity to look at myself. Jeff is good at making complex topic appear easy through the use of examples and metaphor
  • Wilco Van Bragt and Ingmar Verheij’s PVS design decisions
    A really interesting take on this topic. Basically they both talked about the design phases of a project each and showed how one or two constraints early on can radically change how you design a environment. They also discussed how they dealt with those constraints. Excellent demonstration of how there is rarely a 100% correct answer and every project is a learning exercise as there is always something you can do better
  • Carl Webster’s Documentation scripts
    The amount of work that has gone into these scripts is enormous and the level of community involvement is just staggering. I first came across these scripts when i was trying to work with Citrix’s powershell commandlets and found the explanation blog posts that Carl posts with his scripts enormously helpful. The the scripts do an excellent job at their actual function( documentation) and Carl’s presentation style was entertaining

It was a great conference and I’d highly recommend going to the one in Brussels which is on May 30 – June 1, 2014 . Exact venue details still have to be announced. All information for the event will be here

Cant wait for the next one.