vCentre appliance fails to boot after changing hostname

Follow up to yesterdays post about changing the certs/applicance name

After regenerating the certs the appliance fails to boot….ooops. The boot process hangs Waiting for embedded database to Start up [OK] ”


Suppose thats what test environments are for.

To recover from this you need to get into the command line of the VCA. To get into the command line you have to stop the boot process at the Grub boot loader by hitting the “Down” arrow at the boot screen. Then you make the following changes

  1. Press “p” and enter the root password
  2. Select the “VMware vCentre Server appliance” and hit “e” to edit the boot settings
  3. highlight the Kernel option and hit “e” to edit settings
  4. Add in a space and the number 1 at the end of the boot string so it ends with “showops 1” this forced the machine to boot into console
  5. Hiot enter and press b to boot

Once it boots, log in with the Root password and remove the allow_regeneration file with the following line

rm /etc/vmware-vpx/ssl/allow_regeneration

then reboot the Virtual machine

This clears the “toggle certificate setting” and allows the VCA to boot normally