3 Pipe Problems

As I mentioned on the about page I am a virtulisation engineer with particular focus on Citrix , VMware, Active Directory and Exchange. Lately I’ve caught this Powershell bug that is going around the internet and have been working the kinks out of my scripting skills.

You’re probably all wondering where the name of this blog came from. Everyone has hobbies and one of mine is endlessly re-reading my Sherlock Holmes collection. In one of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes he was presented with a difficult problem and described it as follows

“It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won’t speak to me for fifty minutes.”

Sherlock Holmes , The Red Headed League

In all the time I’ve worked with technology the most enjoyable problems were always the ones Holmes would have described as “3 pipe problems” . On this blog I hope to discuss some of these problems and other topics that interest me such as

  • Virtulisation
  • Scripting
  • troubleshooting¬†methodologies
  • deployment strategies
  • General Science topics